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29. 09. 2016


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For a daydreaming creative such as myself, organisation and order are paramount. Anything less leads to chaos (read: procrastinating). Not dependent on your vocation is the need for an inspiring and clutter free workspace. That being said, it’s not about plastic in-trays and matching staplers.

Whether you work from home or you have a little nook where you pay bills and write emails, with a few simple changes, you’ll be more organised and inspired. The size of your space is not relevant; this is the workspace reimagined – pencil skirts not required.

c r e a t e  y o u r  s p a c e

When setting out to create your workspace you obviously need to consider it’s functional requirements, however the aim is to design a cohesive space that strikes that magical balance between the practical and the beautiful.

When it comes to curating your space, keep things simple and try not overthink. That being said, its important to think of your workspace as an extension of your home, like you would any other room – this will ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

The following points are important considerations if you’re aiming for a calm and inspirational environment:

seek out the light
Natural light, how we love thee. Everything looks and feels better with good light. Try to position your desk as close to natural light as possible, but out of direct sunlight as this can cause headaches (literally) with screen glare.

pare-back the palette
When choosing pieces try to stick to a tonal palette. A large mix or clash of colours tends to be distracting, while choosing simple base notes of white, timber or grey will help ensure a serene environment. Then, depending on your taste, colour can be added in in subtle ways with flowers or art.

clear the clutter
This is a simple yet effective task that will lighten the feel of the space. No one can relax and concentrate if they have piles of papers or bills staring at them. Now I’m not suggesting filing them in the circular file, but rather investing in storage boxes (such as the much loved box sets by HAY). If everything has a place, you are already halfway to serenity.

create your mood
While you want your workspace to be simple and relaxed, adding art, carefully chosen magazines or a mood board will inject life into the space. At the end of the day you will be working here, so it’s important that these pieces speak to you personally as only then will they provide you with inspiration. Simply following trends will risk producing a ‘cookie cutter’ space so don’t forget to choose items that reflect your personality – as this will ensure the finished room is a space where you’ll want to be.

add your favourites
Adding in your essentials will further personalise the space as well as ensure you have everything you need. Including personal items such as a water jug, hand cream, and your favourite candle will assist with creating a warm and inviting space.


 i n s p i r a t i o n

I’ve put together a few of my current favourites sure to inject serious style into your workspace (links below).

Happy shopping lovelies xo


Freedom desk lamp, Normann Copenhagen block table, Aesop handcream, Diptyque candle, Kate Moss print, Stendig calendar, H. Skjalm P. Oak trays, An Organised Life notebooks, Le sac en papier storage sac, Rawluxe Interiors leather storage basket, kikki-K diary & Muuto carafe and glasses.